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Arabian Proverb:Add Video

- If you are a friend of the captain, you can wipe your hands on the sail.

African Proverbs:

- Where water is the boss, there must the land obey.

- Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.

Armenian Proverbs:

- The water in which one drowns is always an ocean.

- When asked, "What news from the sea?" The fish replied "I have a lot to say, but my mouth is full of water."

Breton Proverb:

- No matter how treacherous is the sea, a woman will always be more so.

Bulgarian Proverb:

- If you want to drown yourself, don't torture yourself with shallow water.

Cambodian Proverb:

- The boat sails by, the shore remains.

Chinese Proverbs:

- Raise your sail one foot and you get ten feet of wind.

- Big ships often sail on big debts.

- Don't build a new ship out of old wood.

- He who sees heaven in the water sees the fishes in the trees.

- If rain bothers you, you can always jump into the sea.

- No matter how big the sea may be, sometimes two ships meet.

- One foot cannot stand on two boats.

- The heart is but the beach beside the sea that is the world.

- The water that a ship sails on is the same water that swallows it up.

- There are people that fish and those who just disturb the water.

- Though all rivers flow into it, the sea never overflows.

- Water can do without fishes, fishes cannot do without water.

- After a big ship has rotted away, there still remain three thousand nails.

- When a large vessel has opened a way it is easy for a small one to follow.

- Whenever the water rises, the boat will rise too.

- Why jump in the water before the ship turns over.

- You can't load a small boat with heavy cargo.
Congolese Proverb:

- Don't buy a boat that is under water.

Corsican Proverbs:

- Every source flows to the sea.

- Seamen learn to get to know each other during a storm.

Creole Proverb:

- The sea breeze blows the pelican where he wants to go.

Czech Proverb:

- All rivers do their best for the sea.

Danish Proverbs:

- Don't sail out farther than you can row back.

- It is too late to learn to swim when the water is up to your lips.

- A man without money is like a ship without sails.

- A ship on the beach is a lighthouse to the sea.

- Better lose the anchor than the whole ship.

- Better poor on land than rich at sea.

- He that is embarked with the devil must sail with him.

- It is good rowing with the sail set.

- The best pilots are ashore.
English Proverbs:

- Worse things happen at sea.

- Make not your sail too big for your ballast.

- The ship that will not obey the helm will have to obey the rocks.

Estonian Proverb:

- The new boat will find the old stones.

French Proverb:

- If the seawater were hotter we could catch boiled fish.

German Proverbs:

- God will help a seaman in a storm but the pilot must still remain at the wheel.

- It is good to swim near a boat.
Ghanaian Proverbs:

- The surface of the water is beautiful, but it is no good to sleep on.

- It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man.

Greek Proverbs:

- If you cannot catch a fish, do not blame the sea.

- Where there is a sea there are pirates.

- Women are as changeable as the sea.

- You know who the good seamen are when the storm comes.

- Hungarian Proverb:

He who wants to go fishing must not be afraid of the water.

- Icelandic Proverb:

- You can't complain about the sea if you suffer shipwreck for the second time.

Indian Proverbs:

- All the water in the sea doesn't even reach the knees of the man who fears not death.

- Don't bargain for fish which are still in the water.

- Follow the river and you will get to the sea.

Indonesian Proverb:

- The sea becomes the shore, the shore becomes the sea.

Irish Proverbs:

- Nodding the head does not row the boat.

- There are finer fish in the sea than have ever been caught.

Italian Proverbs:

- After the ship has sunk, everyone knows how she might have been saved.

- One should learn to sail in all winds.

Japanese Proverbs:

- Fear blows wind into your sails.

- If you are in a boat you are more afraid of fire than you are of water.

- One cannot scoop up the ocean with a sea shell.

- Too many hands will row the boat up a mountain.

- Where there is fish, there is water.

Latin Proverbs:

- Each man makes his own shipwreck.

- No man can swim ashore and carry his baggage with him.

- He who is not lucky, let him not go to sea.

Malawian Proverb:

- Though near shore, you're still in the ocean.

New Zealand Proverb:

- The prudent embark when the sea is calm -- the rash when it's stormy.

Norwegian Proverb:

- There is no wind that blows right for the sailor who doesn't know where the harbour is.

Palestinian Proverb:

- Do good and throw it in the sea.

Russian Proverbs:

- A boat stands firmer with two anchors.

- Not everything is a mermaid that dives into the water.

- Once you have fallen into the water, you're not scared of water any more.

- Pray to God but continue to row to the shore.
Scottish Proverb:

- Waves will rise on silent water.

Somali Proverb:

- In the ocean, one does not need to sow water.

Swedish Proverb:

- When the sea is calm, every ship has a good captain.

Traditional Proverbs:

- Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.

- Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her. Without winds the vessel would not move and without a pilot she would be lost.

- Sailors have a port in every storm.

- Salt water and absence wash away love.

Turkish Proverbs:

- A ship with two captains sinks.

- The sea never buys fish.

Ugandan Proverb:

- Familiarity is like the sea that kills the fisherman.

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